Over the last decade, Vital Solutions founder Ben Sterciuc travelled to East Africa and saw a desperate need for accessible healthcare in Africa and primarily in Kenya. Ben left Kenya with a desire to return immediately and begin working to solve basic healthcare needs. Vital Solutions began as a dream to build a medical clinic in the hills of the Empopongi community for the Maasai tribe, yet grew into something much larger than Ben could have ever imagined. Ben has used his business and medical background to connect with partners across the world in order to realise this dream.


Flavius Sterciuc

Executive Director

Flavius and Molly love to travel and be outdoors and also love their dog Rocky a little to much. Follow @flaviussterciuc on all social media to see more about his life.




I recently graduated from Northwest University with my Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. My desire to pursue a career in nursing was ignited by my passion of caring for people, especially marginalized and disadvantaged populations. Last spring, I had the opportunity to travel to Kenya and work directly with Vital Solutions. As a healthcare worker and someone who has a heart for Kenya, I want to be an advocate for empowering people towards a healthier life. I experienced this same mindset when working for Vital Solutions, which is just one of the many reasons I love working with this organization.


Katie Vehrs


I am currently attending Northwest University, where I am a graduating senior studying digital marketing. I have a passion for helping and serving others, and am blessed to be working with Vital Solutions as an intern.