Vital Solutions is a non-profit founded in the Seattle area with the goal of bringing accessible healthcare to impoverished communities in Kenya. Vital Solutions is comprised of Seattle-based businessmen, medical professionals, educators, and various volunteers, as well as the Vital Solutions team in Kenya. Non-governmental, non-sectarian, and not-for-profit, Vital Solutions provides direct assistance to people and communities in need through accessible healthcare.


Vital Solutions exists because there are countless people without any access to any form of healthcare in Kenya. Vital Solutions sees the need in the Empopongi, Maasai Mara tribe community for healthcare, as the nearest access to medical care is hours away. Because of this massive need, Vital Solutions has built a clinic that will provide access to care that otherwise be unattainable for this community.


Over the last decade, Vital Solutions founder Ben Sterciuc travelled to East Africa and saw a desperate need for accessible healthcare in Africa and primarily in Kenya. Ben left Kenya with a desire to return immediately and begin working to solve basic healthcare needs. Vital Solutions began as a dream to build a medical clinic in the hills of the Empopongi community for the Maasai tribe, yet grew into something much larger than Ben could have ever imagined. Ben has used his business and medical background to connect with partners across the world in order to realise this dream.

Years later this dream has become a reality through generous supporters and innumerable volunteer hours. Over 100 volunteers have already travelled to Kenya with Vital Solutions to affect change in impoverished areas through mobile medical camps, slums outreach and feeding programs, and ultimately building a medical clinic for the Maasai community.