• We are providing refugees support while they wait for days to cross the border into Romania. (We sent vans with medical supplies and food, blankets and winter clothes to help those refugees in lines that are miles long)

  •  We are providing free and secure transportation, assist with documentation and support while crossing the border

  •  We are providing shelter, finishing rooms and building in several locations.  We are buying beds, mattresses, beddings, and providing 3 meals a day for refugees. We are also providing pediatric supplies for kids we host in our shelters, as well as medical care for all ages. 

  •  We further assist with legal advice and logistics for those who have plans to leave Romania for the West to immigrate to other countries. We take them to airports or trains station headed for the west. 


This is a situation that is very close to our heart as our founder and his family are
Romanian. Our founder, Ben Sterciuc was born in a town a few kilometers from
the Ukrainian border.


We are a Seattle-based nonprofit that works in Africa, Pakistan and Romania.
But due to the current situation at the Ukrainian border we are shifting our work
to the refugees.


Refugee Story

While we were talking, the mother received a call from her son that their family home was just bombed.
Their sons and husbands survived but all else was gone. Such devastating news… “We’ve been hiding in a bomb shelter for 8 days, than we were able to flee the city, took a long time to cross into Moldova and now into Romania. But we ran out of money…”
Our team was able to secure transportation for all to Germany but they did not have any funds.
Because of your generosity, we were able to pay for every family member’s cost for transportation.
They could not believe it, they cried, I cried, they hugged us and said thank you while tears were flowing down their faces… in a battle between despair and hope!

Volunteer Story

Being at the border, and only for a few hours, confirmed once again the difference between the real world and the bubble some people live in.
I've seen things I've only ever read about in history books or heard from my WWII surviving grandparents.
It's unimaginable to me that the difference between war and peace can resume to a few hundred meters, that behind a few custom posts, mothers are waiting in the winter cold with their children for days on end, that husbands and fathers are staying behind to fight an irrational war, that people are leaving behind all their possessions and fleeing for their lives.
They cross the border only with the clothes on their backs, a hand luggage and a backpack, some with less. They are scared, confused, tired, dirty, but the relief you see on their face when they cross into Romania is genuine.
I think Romania is an example for the whole world for what it means to empathize with our neighbors.
Here, Romanians are waiting for them with a smile, a warmed tent, hot tea, food and things most of us take for granted.
It's inspiring seeing NGO's like Vital Solutions getting involved, helping, finding accommodation, shelter, transport, providing meals and kit's for basic needs.
Most people are in transit, but for a day or two, they need shelter, they need to feel safe, they need to sleep without the sounds of missiles in their ears. Vital Solutions and the Romanian partner organizations are doing just that.
This is not the time to only feel sorry for the Ukrainian’s, this the time to do something concrete. Everyone can help either by being here or financially.
Organizations and their volunteers are working non-stop here because humanity has no borders.
I am Proud to be a Romanian and part of the great work Vital Solutions is doing.”

Ioana Pop


100% of proceeds from these shirts will go directly towards helping Ukrainian refugees in Romania with shelter, basic necessities, medical aid, transportation, legal advice, and more.

20,000 Ukrainians are crossing the border daily into Romania and they need our help.


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If you would like to tangibly help the refugees and be a light in this darkness please donate.
Any amount helps.



Flavius Sterciuc
Vital Solutions